Easter sale

It is easter and you can get all my three book for just 20$

It is only the PDF version that is on sale.

You get:

Programming the Commodore 64 again.
Still programming the Commodore 64.
Programming the Amiga again with Amos.

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Programming the Amiga again.

Back in the eighties I was programming the Amiga in 68000 Assembly, but this book will be about Amos Professional development.

When Amos as a language came out, I was already on the PC programming games for DOS and later Windows.

I did hear of Amos back then and I remember, I wished it had come a little earlier so that I could have programmed games with it.

Most of the images in this book is taken from my Amiga 1200 with my camera. So, some of them can be a little rotated or something, I am sorry for that. “#$%

Other one is from inside the game.

I just wrote some code to take a screen shoot with. I use the Save Iff command for that. It can be found in the Amos book source from the link in the link chapter.

I learned a lot writing this book and I hope that you the readers also will learn...

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