Cave Diver

A new game for Windows.

The aim of this game is to use your little submarine to dive around in the caves looking for treasures.

On your journey you will meet dangerous fish and deadly mines.

To open the gates, you need to find the switches first.

You have three bullets to defend yourself with, but more are hidden in each level.

So fight you way through eight thrilling and exciting levels and see if you can finish the game.

The is also a shop where you can buy upgrades to your submarine.

So find your way through all eight levels to finish the game.

I hope you enjoy this free game for Windows.

Main menu: 
Space           = Start the game.
M                    = Toggle music.
Escape         = Exit game.

Level select:
H                      = Main screen.
S                       = Shop.
1 – 8                = Select level.

H                       = Level select screen.

Arrow keys = Move player.
Space             = Shoot bullet.
M                      = Show/Hide minimap.

You can also use your mouse on the main menu, level select and shop.

In the future I might convert this game into a Mac games, web game and maybe even to mobile phones.

So come back once in a while and see if I have put a new games for you to download and enjoy.
If you are lucky you may be able to play the right here in your favorite browser.

This game was med by Unity and took about two weeks to finish.

Read more about it and download it from here.

Cave Diver a game for Windows
The title screen for Cave Diver.
Use your little submarine to find treasures
A screenshot from inside the game, showing what waits for you.
Click here a see a little video of the game. In the video it look a bit jerky, but the games is not.

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