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Kick Assembler Studio

Posted on April 9, 2020  in Retro Games

Kick Assembler Studio is a Commodore Assembly editor that uses Kick Assembler to compile source code.

Kick Assembler Studio
Image of Kick Assembler Studio

It’s free to use and can be downloaded from here.

In KAS you can open single files and compile and run them.

Or you can create a project, open a file and add it to the project.
Then next time you open the project, the files will automatically be loaded.

This is a work in progress so bare ind mind that there could be bugs.


Category: Retro Games

Learn C64 Assembly

Posted on March 21, 2020  in Retro Games

Learn C64 assembly.

Want to learn how to make a game in Commodore 64 assembly.

Learn C64 assembly

I made my self a new years resolution this year. I wan’t to create atleast one basic game in Commodore 64 and atleast one assembly game in Commodore 64.
Back in january I finished my basic game Ticle Tocle, which can be found on this site.

While I was learning or relearning C64 assembly I  wrote down all the information I found. And before I knew it, it was writing a book about programming assembly on the Commodore 64.

I will take you through the creation of a Commodore 64 assembly game step by step. You will learn to control sprites, custom charactersets, collison, soundeffect and much more. You can always build on the Cave Diver game and add more levels of your own. It up to you.

You will create a game called Cave Diver when you follow the steps in the book.


And as I wan’t to share this with others I put the finished book up for sale.
This book is written by a learner who used to program the Commodore 64 in assembly way back in the eighties, but have forgotten most of it. So what I have learned through this process I have put in the book so that i may teach others who want to learn/relearn C64 Assembly.


Before you buy, you can download a free version here.

You can also see this video by GRay Defender where make a review of this book. He plays the game and talks about this book and what it does. So go and see his video.



You can buy the book here. You get the book as PDF with source code for CBM Prg Studio and for Kick Assembler.

Now also available on Google Books
And also on Amazon
And now on Amazon as paperback


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Ticle Tocle

Posted on January 15, 2020  in Retro Games

A retro game for the Commodore 64.

Ticle Tocle is a Tic Tac Toe clone made for Commodore 64 in CBM Prg Studio and is written in basic.

Main menu

Main menu for Ticle Tocle

Ticle Tocle instructions

Ticle Tocle game screen

Ticle Tocle winner screen

This is my first game for Commodore 64 in more than 30 years, so bare with me if you find some bugs in this game.


The game can be played as player vs player and player vs computer.

Just bare in mind that the game AI is nothing like Einstein, but more like Homer Simpson.

You are free to edit the code if you want, there is no restrictions.


Download the game as a disk image here.




If you want to support the development of more games for the Commodore machines then please consider to donate. Anyone who donate to me will recieve the CBM Prg Studio project files and a scan of all my paper notes for this game. And they will recieve any updates to the game as a disk image.


Donations will also make it possible for me to make videos of me developing more of these retro games.