Tower Inferno Challenge

In this game the object is to rescue men in a burning building.
Rescue as many as you can but beware if one of them gets past you the game is over.

For each men you rescue the faster things will move, so be alert!

There is a online leaderboard so you can see you score against other players.

You must beat the local highscore to get to the online leaderboard.
You can only use the same leaderboard name if you beat the online score with the same name.
But you can always reset the local score.

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Battle Match

In Battle Match the object is to remove all the blocks before the time rans out.
It sound more easy then it is!

When you remove a block the other block will fall down because of gravity, so it gets harder to remember where they block where.

So challenge your mind and try to get longer and longer in the game. There are many leves to complete.

If memory games is for you then you may enjoy this one.

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